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'Man Tries To Save Dying Fish By Performing CPR On It *IT WORKED!* '


'Who knew that bringing a fish back to life would be A. Possible, and B. So easy? Yet, here we are. Footage filmed in Yuma, AZ shows Tristian Casaus reviving a fish with a unique type of kiss. He explained: "When I was a kid, about 10, I saw this CPR technique. I can’t remember the source, unfortunately, but it stuck with me and I knew I had to try it on my next fishing adventure." The filmer added: "Once I got the opportunity to test the trick, I found that... IT WORKED! I’ve saved thousands of fish using this technique since then. Now, I’m 24 and I finally decided to show the world how to save many more fish lives." This strange yet helpful clip was filmed on August 29, 2021. Name: Tristian Casaus Location: Yuma, AZ'

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